Hi everyone!
At the moment we are still working with guidelines and restrictions allotted to clubs. We will let you know as they develop what they will be and how they will affect us all. While we have suspended most of our events, both special and weekly, we are continuing to add more events to our calendar. Stay tuned for updates.
Thank you so much for your patience.
Stay safe, see you soon.

We will post information to the club’s web page at hazelbrookbowling.com.au and on Facebook – Hazelbrook Happenings and Club Hazelbrook (Members Site)



(Badge Draws resumed Sunday 3rd January!)



Sunday Night Badge Draw

The first draw is at 6.30 pm. 

If not won, a second draw will take place 1 hour later.

If still not claimed, the draw will jackpot each week by $50.

(Capped at $1,000 for the present time)

You must be a member to claim the prize.


 All financial and unfinancial members are included in the draw, however,

only financial members will be able to claim the prize.

The financial member must be in the Club at the time of the draw and present their current

membership card within 4 minutes of the draw.


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